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Flikkernitch has a point, it's a bit ironic that people are making videos shaming the finebros because of their attempt at a cashgrab, when these videos are pretty much the same thing. Not gonna say the video sucks though because it doesn't, but this jumping on the bandwagon is annoying, specially because newgrounds knows they are gonna get a ton of views and they fill the frontpage with them. Same thing that happened with flappy bird.

SamGreen responds:

There's also a difference between creating your own art and animation vs putting a demographic in front of the screen and record them "reacting" to shit.

Further more; not paying said "react-ies" and beating a dead horse for many years to come. I sod start by making this cartoon I'm voicing my opinion on the whole trademarking "react" videos situation and this is my way of doing so.

Just how much money do you expect me to make from this cartoon? Haha they are literally millionaires from these videos "they" Make.

I don't know, maybe I'm a bit more optimistic than you and your friend. Thanks for watching though!

Absolutely amazing work.

Good work man, i could have never spent so much time on an animation :P

artistunknown responds:

Thanks ;3

It took a long time but I learned a lot during the making of it and I seem to have gotten faster at making things and being more efficient with technique, so I could probably do this in less time if I were to do it again.

I'm always wanting to make long cartoons, but this is the first one I've actually completed since I started animating properly, and after the experience of this I think I prefer working on shorts since they don't take as long to make, but the final product is always so worth it with long stuff, 'cause it feels more lasting. To me anyways ;3

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That came out incredible, everyone did an amazing job!

Thanks for inviting me!

Found a bug, if you get knocked out and the round ends before you get up, Tom's punches won't do anything to you. Pretty good though, can finally say Tom Fulp punched me in the face.

Man shit i was there trying to figure out how to kill Alucard, anyway it looks great, i like the old school graphics, if it was finished it would be awesome.

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Wow you sound like Junpei from persona 3 :0

Oh my god, this is so beautiful

This is awesome, i'm not an expert in music or dubstep, all i can say is that i love this. All my 5 R belong to this!

SWeissenP responds:

Thank you. :D

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DUDE, you have improved A LOT! Well done!

aBigBrother responds:

Thank you so much Daker

p.s. we gotta catch up sometime :)

Is he ok

Well done my lad, legitimately awesome. As always the focus on detail is the best part. The character suits your style a lot, you should experiment more with similar types of characters, creepy and brutal, like straight out of a metal album cover.

GuiserGestalt responds:

Thanks fam, wouldn’t have even taken part if it wasn’t for you.

hey :)

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