5000 fans!!! :D

2014-01-14 19:27:22 by Daker777NG

Oh no, i added two more zeros to the title, well i'm too lazy to change it now, i've reached the impressive amount of 50 fans!! OMG!!

50 different people thought it might be a good idea to press the heart next to my name, and oh boy how were they wrong!! :D


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2014-01-14 19:30:22

Congrats on reaching 50 man! I don't understand why you don't have more than me? Seriously man, your art is amazing!

Daker777NG responds:

Maybe fate wants to see us grow toguether and get old toguether "creepy face"


2014-01-15 21:57:59

So, dude... what if you do have 5000 fans, but 4949 of them dont have newgrounds accounts?

Daker777NG responds:

Makes you think...


2014-01-16 09:36:28

You deserve more than 5000! D:

Daker777NG responds:

Naahh, i think 5000 would be good for now hahah