2013-08-28 11:52:16 by Daker777NG

What are your thoughts about Adblock? I personally think it's the most stupid thing ever, i mean, Newgrounds and Youtube for example are still free because they get ad revenue, if they don't get ad revenue, we will have to pay to use them. I don't see the problem with having a couple of ads at the beggining of your video or at the top of the page and use the site for free...


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2013-08-28 12:21:39

Thank you! i'm glad someone agrees. They're video was dumb and it can hurt society as we know it! Maybe that's there master plan. Hmmmm.............

Daker777NG responds:

A lot of people agrees, only the selfish bastards prefer not having to watch ads over supporting their favourite web pages and content creators...


2013-08-28 12:22:07

Television commercials are bad enough. i don't want to put up with them on small Internet videos.

Daker777NG responds:

Of course! You will not have to put up with them on small internet videos because if ads are removed there will not be small videos in the first place!1! :DDDDDDDDD!!!1


2013-08-28 12:30:21

Two words.



Daker777NG responds:

If ads are completely removed they will replace the supporter upgrade for the premium upgrade or something like that, which you will need for watching videos, or they will just dissapear, it depends...


2013-08-28 12:54:55

No. What the Supporter Upgrade does is that it removes ads off the front page, sides of games and user pages. It does not remove ads from videos -- and that's the whole point of ad revenue sharing right?

Daker777NG responds:

Yeah i know, but i'm saying that if the adblock campaign to remove ads everywhere (including videos) is succesfull, NG will only rely on the supporter upgrade, and if they only rely on that, they will make having to pay obligatory to use newgrounds. I don't really know what you're trying to discuss, i think you didn't understand what i'm saying, i'm talking about the whole internet not just newgrounds, if ads are completely removed, any web that reylies on ad revenue will either dissapear or make its content not free, and you don't think newgrounds is gonna keep going like it is now without ads right? They came up with the idea of the supporter upgrade because ads weren't giving as much revenue as they used to, thanks to software like adblock plus, luckily not everyone uses it, some people because they want to support the webs that rely on ads and some other because they have no idea that a software to block ads exists, and this campaign is trying to reach to those people. I really wish our world could be a place where nobody needs money to live and they could just share their creations for free, without ads everywhere, but sadly that's not the reality...


2013-08-28 13:35:24

Youtube was free before Google bought it. They would never make it premium. Use your brain.

Daker777NG responds:

I know, so? They didn't use ads before or what?


2013-08-28 21:57:08

Good luck on not-getting malware. Unless you use non-Windows stuff.

Youtube is 'free' as the same shit Facebook is is free. They trade you info to ads company. Same shit, different duns. I don't know NG is doing the same thing or not.

Also, Youtube DID-NOT have ads before Google bought it.

Daker777NG responds:

Yeah i am aware that some webs do that, i don't use facebook because of that (and because i find it useless) but the thing is that even if there are webs that do that, there are others that don't, i guess Newgrounds doesn't do that because the ads you see here are not based on things you looked up on Amazon and shit like that. But the point is, with malware or don't, ads keep running most part of the free webs on the internet, as well as they keep food on the table for content creators, if ads dissapear, Oney, Egoraptor, etc, would have to stop doing videos for the internet and find another job...

Also, if Youtube did not have ads before google, how did it survive? Probably the guys working on it were working on other jobs at the same time, and when they couldn't keep it running anymore, they sold it to google, who could keep it running with ads. (Well that's my theory, idk)


2013-08-28 23:12:34

I don't remember if there might have been one or two just sitting around, but there were no ads in the videos


2013-08-29 08:22:08

Well, speaking of the whole internet, my understanding of this, then, is that any site on any server needs costs to run it. So Adblock basically lets us flout the laws of commerce and common business sense so that we could spend just a few seconds of not having any ads. Ads generate revenue for the site.

From that perspective, Adblock is a very selfish move, and will be spent on by many selfish people. And this is a damaging kind of selfish: unless YouTube and various other places look at means to support the site other than ad revenue, they could risk collapsing.

Which does make me wonder what else anyone could think of...