New animation.

2013-06-25 18:50:00 by Daker777NG

Still under judgment, really disappointed with the score it is getting, even more with the reviews, because it only has one and it's from a friend, CMON GUYS ARE YOU DEAD OR WHAT??

Anyway, i've been trying out Paintool Sai and i really like it! I did this drawing in it, nothing special, in fact it is shit lol.

Thomas is the typical citizen who suddenly got superpowers thanks to some unbelievable event that led him to almost die but instead got superpowers, he cut while shaving. This tragic event granted him fire powers and as a negative point, he lost his hair. Will he become a villain or a superhero?? We are not so sure about that, some people said he was actually homosexual.

New animation.


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2013-06-25 19:27:59

Hm, I liked the flash, shame that it gets bad votes. As for reviews, I don't write many and mainly for games; I can't really give you hints what to improve since it looks good to me :/

Daker777NG responds:

Thanks man, you give me hope, i'm just a little frustrated because i spent too much time in that animation and now i'm just watching how it gets a dissaponting score (notice i say dissapointing, not bad, 3 stars is not that bad, but i expected more) and predicting that it will just dissapear in the portal as if it was something that i didn't even put effort into. Of course, it's my fault, i shouldn't have taken so much time to make a stupid trailer of something that nobody expects and from someone that nobody knows... The hard fist of reality hits me once again...

Sorry for the depressing reply, i just needed to write that, i guess after all it's not so bad, i just had too high expectations for it, will make something better next time!


2013-06-27 13:17:21

I hope you have noticed that your flashmovie now has a score of 3.5, and is still rising. And it was a narrow run for the daily 5, you missed them shortly.
Just voted 4/5 for the vid, I found it quite amusing and the main char was likeable in my eyes. I would like to see your series, therefore I will follow you here on NG.

On the other hand, I can understand your frustration. I hope I'm wrong, bit since 3 months or so I have the strange feeling the NG community is going downhill, just look at the views and the time submissions spend in the "Under Judgement" section. Maybe it's just the summertime. I love this site, and hope it will stay alive.

Daker777NG responds:

Yeah, i've seen that it was 7th on the top ten of yesterday, i guess it didn't do so bad after all, it's just that the last days of doing it, i started to regret having spent so much time on it, just because it is a trailer, i could have spent the time in making the first episode or something, when things actually have some interest. I spent like, 4 months on it? even more maybe, imagine making a 1:20 long video in 4 months and then realizing it wasn't as good as you thought when you are almost finshing it...
Anyway, thanks for your support man, and yeah i agree that Newgrounds feels kinda different lately, more empty or something, i don't know, i guess the staff needs to fix all the bugs that the site has right now, and maybe think of another redesign? I don't know, i like it this way and i think that the problem is the users, not Newgrounds itself, who knows...