Tip for relaxing.

2013-06-20 23:08:35 by Daker777NG

Put some heavy chains in all your body during all the day, so when you get them off for 5 minutes a day, you'll relax a lot. Trust me, it works.


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2013-06-21 03:09:46

Even better: instead of taking them off, leave them on and imagine what it would feel like to take them off. The thought should be enough to keep you going! Save your chain removal for marriage, and remember, the only safe chain removal is no chain removal.

Brought to you by AAA-CUM, the American Association for Abstinence from Chains Until Marriage.

Daker777NG responds:

What a great idea, the power of the imagination is only limited by the power of the imagination, that means, if you imagine you are taking the chains off, the relaxation should be even higher than in reality! I cannot wait to try it, i'm already putting the chains on while i'm writing! Thank you AAA-CUM!